2000-2001 P/C Robert J. Hatala, SN
2001-2002 P/D/Lt/C Larry Colwell, SN
2002-2003 P/C Clif Heidel, P
2003-2004 P/C Chip Hayes. SN
2004 P/C Doug Kendrick, SN
2004-2005 P/C Robert Hatala, SN
2005-2006 P/C Joyce M. Colwell, AP
2006-2008 P/C Mike Staples, AP
2008-2009 P/C Fred Kaplan, P
2009-2010 P/C Bill Waite, S
2010-2011 P/C Tom Miller, S
2011-2012 P/C Jim Cope, S
2012-2014 P/C Gene Alligood, P
2014-2015 P/C/Lt Edie Miller, S
2015-2017 P/C Tom Graham, SN



pastcmdrsphoto 001

Picture taken at the

10th Anniversary Celebration of Pamlico Sail & Power Squadron March 18, 2010.

Pictured top row left to right: Mike Staples, Fred Kaplan, Joyce Colwell, Chip Hayes, Tom Miller, Bill Waite.

Seated bottom row left to right: Clif Heidel, Larry Colwell, Bob Hatala.