What are we…….

The Pamlico Sail & Power Squadron (PSPS) is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons® (USPS) organization, the premier provider of quality boating education in the United States, providing exceptional opportunities for members.   

PSPS was founded in 2000 and further promotes the United States Power Squadrons® mission.  PSPS Members are boating-oriented families who want to contribute to their communities by promoting safe boating and enjoying friendship and camaraderie among fellow boaters and members.


Why become a USPS/PSPS Member….

"Are you looking for a complete boating education program to strengthen or refresh you on the latest boating knowledge and skills?”  From cruise planning to weather, piloting to electronics or engine maintenance, sailing to junior and senior navigation, Educational programs offered by PSPS cover them all! 

Safety is paramount within the squadron.   PSPS performs free, courtesy Vessel Safety Checks throughout the boating season for our members and the boating public. This is the same vessel check that the Coast Guard uses when they stop and inspect boats.  You will gain recommendations from our experts to make you a safer boater and a VSC Decal to display on your boat.  Think about becoming a Vessel Safety Examiner yourself!

But there is so much more to being a member, here are a few more:

  • Have a question or need some help? Members willingly volunteer knowledge and assistance to make your boating experience safer and more pleasurable.
  • The Squadron’s Boating Course—a basic boating course—covers all subjects critical to the boater. This course will certify the student for North Carolina’s boating registration requirements, including the recent law requiring certification for any person under 26 years of age operating a vessel with a motor of 10 horsepower or more. Any student passing this course gains a 6-month FREE USPS/PSPS Membership.
  • Participating in many Civic Services.  A few of the annual events include youth boating safety in the Beaufort County Maritime Education Program, National Safe Boating Week and Vessel Safety Check.
  • Like to save money on boating?  As a member, you can receive financial benefits in insurance, retail boating discounts as well as big discounts on Microsoft Software and other benefits beyond boating related expenses.  USPS continues to add more nationally available savings. Review the USPS Benefits of Membership for more details.
  • Like to cruise or wish to join a group rendezvousing at a great location? Participate in social events, picnics, parties, on-water activities and meetings with interesting speakers on boating topics.
  • Receive our award winning Sound of the Pamlico Newsletter with interesting articles of member meetings and social activities as well as the latest boating news.
  • Enjoy visiting our award winning Web Site for up to date notices, important information and activity photos.                

Visit the USPS National website for more information on becoming a member

Come for the Boating Education.......Stay for the FriendsSM

USPS/PSPS Membership Fees

The local squadron portion of the annual fees are spent locally for educational and boating safety purposes.



One Time Initial

Total First Year

On-Going Annual

Individual Member

$  87.20

$  20.00


$  87.20

Individual Member w/Family


$ 20.00



All in all, Pamlico Sail & Power Squadron is a great place to experience the full benefits of safe boating!   “Why don't you join us?"   Simply print the PSPS Application Form and contact our Membership Chair, Sue Duclos at 252-322-5610 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sue Duclos
                                                                    Sue Duclos

                                                                    Membership Chair